Stephanie (Mauk) Drerup

Stephanie Drerup

1st Grade ELA and Social Studies teacher

Early Childhood Literacy Coach

About Me:  This is my 12th year teaching, fifth year in Baltimore City Public Schools, and second year at Hazelwood EMS.  I am originally from New York, but I have lived and taught all over the world, before moving to Baltimore 5 years ago. I have degrees in Psychology and Linguistics.  I am also currently working on a third degree in Reading and Literacy. I believe learning should be fun!  To help engage students and encourage them to have fun while learning, I utilize all kinds of instructional practices, such as technology, hands-on independent learning time, and differentiated instruction, to encourage students to be active learners. In addition to making learning fun, I believe learning can take place in any environment, whether it’s in the classroom, on the playground, or at home (which is where I’ll need your help!).

Schoolwide Grading Policy: Assessments 70%, Classwork 20%, Homework 5%, Participation 5%

Curriculum: We will be using FUNdations (an interactive student-led phonics program) for phonics, Wit and Wisdom (a whole-world curriculum that broaden’s students understanding of reading around the world using fiction and non-fiction texts) for reading and reading comprehension, and Baltimore City Public School’s Social Studies curriculum (focusing on community and social interactions throughout the year).

Homework: Homework will be given WEEKLY on Mondays and collected the following Monday.  Encourage your child to try his/her best.  Homework is not checked for right or wrong, but rather if it was attempted and effort is present.  All work must be submitted with a name in order to be given credit.

Assessments: In addition to unit tests for Wit and Wisdom, we will be having weekly Spelling Tests on Friday’s beginning in October.  Please help your child practice these words daily.

Projects: Projects will be given quarterly and will focus on what we are learning in Social Studies or Wit and Wisdom.  Please look for these assignments in your child’s folder each quarter.

Class Dojo:  We will be using Class Dojo to track student participation, behavior, homework completion, and daily attendance.  We will also send messages and post pictures on Class Dojo so you can hear and see what we’re up to!

Field Trips: Throughout the school year we will be going in several field trips, including the pumpkin patch, zoo, and aquarium.  If you have recommendations for any other great locations, please let me know!