Teachers and Instructors

Stepping on the campus of Hazelwood Elementary/Middle School, you enter an extraordinary place for children. It is a place where all of our energies are dedicated to helping children become their best selves. We purposefully create an environment to meet their needs from early childhood to emerging adolescence.

Tracy Stephenson
Tiano Brown
PRIDE | Mathematics/Science
Susan Dugan
Grade 2 | Literacy/Social Studies
Stephanie Clarke
Grade 6 | Literacy / Social Studies
Stephanie (Mauk) Drerup
Grade 1 | Literacy/Social Studies
Ryan Mason
Grade 5 | Literacy / Social Studies
Roger Lyons
Grade 6 | Mathematics/Science
Rachel Jackson
Grade 5 | Mathematics/Science
Peter Modlin
PRIDE | Literacy/Social Studies
Otelia Clarke
Literacy/Social Studies (6-8)
Mr. James Peterson
Physical Education/Health
Mikea Rogers
Grade 8 | Literacy
Marzell Chase
Kenneth Childs
Grade 8 | Social Studies
Jordan Matthews
Visual Arts
James Pressley
Grade 8 | Math/Algebra
Hakim Hibbert
Grade 7 | Science
Gregory Gibson
Math/Science (6-8)
Cheryl Currin
Grade 4
Chantel Waters
Grade 7 | Math
Catherine Njenga
Grade 3 | Literacy/Social Studies
Candace McConnaughey
Bre’Von Stewart
Grade 1 | Mathematics/Science