What happens in pre-k to 5th grade

Children in these grades learn skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and math, and how to apply them to all subject areas. They find out about the world and practice things like working with others and solving problems. They play sports, learn about music, draw and paint, and discover what interests them most. Here’s what you can expect in core subjects at each grade. Ask your child’s teacher for more information throughout the school year.

Pre-k and kindergarten
  • Learn through play
  • Develop skills in reading and writing, like recognizing and writing letters, learning new words, and telling stories
    (Beginning in kindergarten, schools use the Wit & Wisdom curriculum)
  • Build a foundation for math by recognizing numbers, counting, adding, subtracting, and identifying shapes
  • Learn about being part of a family and a community
  • Study weather, plants, and animals
  • Learn habits for staying healthy
  • Develop self-esteem and how to manage feelings, behavior, and independence
  • Learn to share and work with other children
State testing

Some tests measure where students are in different areas and help teachers know how best to support each child. The KRA is one of these tests. Children in Maryland take this test early in their kindergarten year to measure where they are in language and literacy, math, social skills, physical well-being, and motor development.